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Experiences from participants

On this page some experiences of participants to courses and workshop are published. Click on the name of the event to read the text:

Course of the Aquarius Codes of Enoch

“I was meeting someone who hurt her dog by incident. He had to use morphine, because walking is not allowed. I was giving Reiki attunements that day. I already told her that we don’t need to use symbols anymore, and may talk about expansion of consciousness. My personal skull liked to be in the centre of the vortex. He chagedn into Goddess energy, so Shekinah was present there.

The four Reiki attunements went very quickly. I realised that it is a limitation to say that you need to wait for 3 month before attuning to Reiki 2. So we decided to have a lunch break to ground firmly and do Reiki 2 in the afternoon. Befroe attuning I opened the chakra’s, dis the Atahkarana with Shekinah. This gave me the feeling to draw something. It showed a heart, looking for something. After some time a man and a women appeared in the heart, melting together into unity. A circle was finished.

Far from any limitations we did Reiki 2 and finished the whole session at the predicted time. The dog had been lying there all day very peaceful. He did not need morphine.

More and more I’m realising my limitations. As soon as this happens, the florr underneath fades away. The first thing was that written words are pictures and shapes. I’ve never been able to visualise, but all my written intentions turned into reality over the last two years. Now I understand that we need to live out wishes, for writing it and reading it over and over again, pronouncing it out loud, gives me a happy feeling. So now I’ve wrote a prayer, stating my practice in healing, reading and expansion of consciousness is already there.

It is time for everyone to surrender. Really, here and now. I always thought that I surrendered to the cosmic law – I thought this was finished for me. I did not understand what it really means to surrender. Now I do, And I an sure it’ll work in a way that I receive 100%. This is the new energy. Yesterday it looked like a rollercoaster, so things are moving really fast now. I’m very grateful for what’s happening now.

In the meantime medical investigation shows the dog is recovering very well. The doctor said the dog is in amazing good condition, both physically and mentally. He was very surprised.”

(L .in H.)

The energy from the Galactic centre

“… Since then the process continued. I feel tehat the energy coming from the centre of The Galaxy does not have a name. Like any other energy, this is omnipresent, but different at the same time. It is not an energy that you call upon or invites. Thuis energy is there, outside and inside myself, always. I just need to be conscious, but I don’t need to concentrate. It is different from how it used to be: to be in the energy and drop out again. As soon as I’m conscious of this energy I am in a meditative state, but different, because I am present in the material world as well.

I do remember that I called upon Mary Magdalen a year ago, having a difficult conversation. That worked out very well , but I don’t need to do that anymore. The energies that I need are present, always and without asking. I also encounter the things that I need. I don’t need to pay attention anymore, compare things, or try to find it out. Things that I need are encountering me now, very easily. That’s so wonderful. So I don’t have to be afraid of missing something, or being at the wrong place.

Another nice thing is that I can’t be influenced by intruding energies, like music or crowds. I still to not like these things, but I does not make me sick anymore. And of course, sometimes you need to be in a situation like that.

Writing this down I realise that I am not vulnerable any more. Thanks to this energy. Not like visualising a white egg around  you or something like that. It never worked with me. Just by itself – I can be me comletely now, and still in full connection to others and my surrounding area. Even in those situation that I would admit myself to do so in the past. I accept these situations completely now. It is all one unity…”

(I.H. in B.)

Workshop Shekinah

“Since the workshop only three days have past and so many thing happened. It touched me that I feel so different but also very much myself. I can experience emotions, thoughts and also that I am not that. It is amazing to remember experiencing this so intensely and I still do, but now I’m knowing that I am not that. In this way I also feel very quiet, with a nice silence as well. A  week like this one would have mend a lot of stress with a birthday, family, visitors, teaching, organizing and so on. Not now. I’m quiet here and now. Amazing, eh?

It’s is also amazing to experience extremes and see them melting into one. My personal path is much more clear now. I can focus and set my course without wasting energy. I’ve received some new visions already, so there’s work to do!! These visionas were very clear; I’m receiving it, but there is not much of myself in these visions. Not likt it used to be when I was coming on terms with myself.”

(A.S. in T.)

Course about realising your core essence

“These days are so special. Last night it was raining heavily over here. In the morning everything was glistening in the bright sunlight, like mother earth was reborn. I got the feeling Mother earth and we are moving along a very special timeframe, a cleaning to be reborn.

The words come slowly, anchoring what happened during the workshop into a infallible knowing. Only now I understand the words: “In the beginning the word was and the word was with God.” We are creating everything our self by our consciousness. Now I understand why everything grows you pay attention to. You might say: the thing you pay attention you, is. By the attention of our consciousness we create the world. The world like we create and did create. Now I understand that everything you experience is true. When a workshop is great, we created it by our consciousness. Now I understand what you are doing throughout all your workshops: you let the creation of the group and of everyone personal, be, by giving it meaning. We give meaning to the world and in that way we are creating.

When I say I am enlightened, so I am. When I say it is a figment of one’s imagination, it is a figment. Now I understand why we are God, why I am God myself. God does not exist outside us, not outside myself. We are creators of the universe, and because of that it is one big, organic, living consciousness. There is nothing above us, nothing outside us. We are evaluation as one unity. Therefore a Deva dwells at another place in the room than she does for you. Both is true. It is the place where we put out intention, our consciousness. Therefore it is true: because we create it, let it be, allowing it to be.

Now I understand why thing people experience are true. Because they create it and because they are born that way – or put into the world like that. Therefore everyone is responsible to oneself, to his creation. Everyone creates reality in entirety. Channeling is just focussing your consciousness to an energy and creating this by giving it words and pronouncing these words.”

(I.H. in B.)

“After the workshop I experienced a situation with a lot of stress, but. Like an eagle, I could see the core. I could sit beside it and embrace it. I’ve got the feeling that I am walking around with a happy smile on my face. It is so wonderful what happened to me during the workshop; especially the love I received of the Goddess, during the meditation to the cave. Now and then there is a wave of love overwhelming me. Accepting myself, my family and my life’s assignment gives me a wonderful and positive feeling. It is wonderful.”

(M.W.in N.)

“Yesterday I received the CD of the workshop. It was wonderful to be back in the atmosphere, to feel the same again and to feel the light flowing from my heart. I ca see it now!

This workshop was the most beautiful to me. Also most radical, but not heavy at all. Something in me changed completely. Like I’ve said ‘goodbye’ to a heavy load. I feel lighter.

Of course old matters come by, but I can tell myself I don’t have to struggle with myself and others and that makes it lighter too. So stange, sometimes it looks like I can see through someone – knowing what he or she is going to tell me. It happened often, isn’t that strange…?

Something really chaged in my relationship as well. Returning from the workshop, my husband was very pleased to see me. He missed me a lot. It looks like something in him changed as well. The heavy pressure towards my husband and our son is gone. And I don’t need to do my best anymore. That’s great.”

 (J. in V.)

Experiences with Shekinah during treatments

“Last week I almost finished a massage, when spontaneously I held my hands on the face of the one I was treating. She has seen a sunflower with a brown centre before during energy treatment, but now she said: “Oh, this is such a beautiful sunflower… He heart is a clear blue and violet light, with an edge of golden light..” She was overjoyed. Me too; violet is a colour I’ve seen many times myself.

The massage of today was also very beautiful. I was giving a massage to a very religious spiritual woman, but she keeps quiet about it. Was it an coincidence that we talked about Mary Magdalen afterwards? She told me she felt Mary Magdalen during the massage and the she had thoughts about the shroud of Turin. On certain moments the energy got stronger and felt very loving and caring. She said: “I seemed we were both one.” I told her on which moments I brought her the energy of the Galatic centre by saying “I am” and she told me this were the moments the energy got stronger. It was a gift of the Goddess and a beautiful present for both of us.

It is a beautiful confirmation as well. In both situations I did not talk about Shekinah or the workshop before starting the massages.” 

 (C.v.K in L.)

"Hi Krijn. This morning I e-mailed you about the women who got dizzy after a treatment with the new energy. Tonight she came to tell me that after two days of being dizzy now she never felt better. She surrendered to the nergy and drank a lot of water. I was amazed about the bright and clear look in her eyes. Amazing, bearing in mind her psychotic periods…”

 (A.v.d.M.in G.)

Workshop 7 Gates of Consciousness

“This week I was working with a friend on distance healing. Something really changed. There is something new, that was not there before we did the workshop… The sessions were amazingly powerful and things went in a different was as they used to. We experienced an enormous expansion of our consciousness. It is hard to describe how it feels… Like you are ‘falling’ into deep layers of consciousness. In the end there is only silence and unity…”   

 (V.R.in H.)

“Yesterday four people jointed my meditaion meeting. It turned out to a channeling. It was very powerful and suddenly I herad my self callin upon the Goddess… wow.. We grounded it into the earth. The people were completely surprised of the power of the energy. Later on one of the participants send me an e-mail, stating what he remembered of the channeling. When we grounded the energy of the Goddess he found himself in a desert. He heard me saying that the earth needs the energy of the Goddess impatiently now. Then he saw how the desert grew flowers, plants and trees. How butterflies started to fly around etc. Everything in the desert started to be more and more alive. He thanked me from the bottom of his heart for this meditation.”

(V.R.in H.)